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Cloud Hosting in Bangladesh

The supreme power of cloud computing with the simplicity of shared hosting.

What makes Our Cloud Hosting Service Best?

Faster. Powerful. Dedicated.

Strongest Skills up to 4x faster hosting. Our team of the controller takes care of the backend, and you don’t be worried about it.

Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime

We operate the server uptime and keep monitoring 24/7 for you.

Best-quality Speed Performance

Capture full advantage of the speed and power. No technical knowledge is needed!

Powerful and Strong Control Panel

Enjoy the maximum speed and power with a simple, strong, and optimized control panel for everyone

The necessity of Cloud Hosting?

The Perfect Environment For Your Success

Scope of Growth

Along with cloud hosting, you can start with small and will grow big. Obtain more power as your website expands and breaks all limitations. All of the resource restrictions are at your fingertips!

4x Additional Speed

Make your visitors pleased and reduce website loading time. Take full benefit of the speed and power with a simple control panel. No extra technical knowledge is needed for this!

Completely Managed

24/7 dedicated maintenance support will help you every step of the way. Center of attention all efforts on making the majority out of your project while we control the server uptime and monitoring!

Clarity and Simplicity Assemble Performance

Great Innovative Control Panel

Cloud hosting comes with a custom made strong control panel. Find all necessary tools under one roof and manage your server with maximum efficiency.

Powerful and Dedicated IP and Resources

Cloud hosting servers run on isolated virtual instances. As a result, you’ll have full control of all resources and confines. Dedicated IP is also included with it!

Top-level Data Backup System

Safety issue always comes first. An automated daily backup system will ensure that your files and databases are safe and sound. Build file data loss a thing of the past!

Instant Setup Arrangement

Setting up a server can catch reasonably a while. However, Cloud hosting features immediate activation to get you up and running in no time at all!

Latest Technologies

Cloud hosting is entirely managed so that we’ll assure you to incorporate the latest technological and performance updates as soon as they’re available!

incorporated Caching

Construct your projects ultra-quick with an in-built cache manager. Learn by heart, fast websites, and high search engine rank are closely related to this!

Cloud Hosting tutorials to acquire you on track

Find all the necessary information you need in one place. Just click to find an answer to every question

Cloud Hosting Associated FAQ

All The Answers To Most Frequently Asked Cloud Hosting Questions

What is Cloud Hosting actually?

Cloud hosting is one type of web hosting service that uses multiple special servers to make balance the load and make the best use of its uptime facilities.

What is Website Cache stand for?

Have you ever left a website because it took a too long time to get loading? This is a massive loss for website owners.

How to Make an Exclusive Website?

How to make a fantastic website is possibly the first question that pops up to every new webmaster. It’s important to make a concrete and fruitful plan.

What is Cloud Hosting indicate?

If you contain a rapidly growing website, there will appear a time requirement when shared hosting is not enough. With the purpose of, cloud hosting is here to give you the best solution of two worlds. The authority and reliability of a VPS with the simplicity of shared hosting are needed. Obtain dedicated resources and let us take care of all the technical stuff!

What are the major advantages of Cloud Hosting?

User-friendly: Handle your server like a real expert with a simple control panel that holds all the important features to generate a powerful online presence.

Dedicated Essential Resources: Catch a dedicated IP address with a piece of required RAM, CPU, and SSD Disk Space. The delivered resources are completely dedicated to you without any doubt!

Exclusively Managed: Meet up with a support system and relax while we take care of server uptime, maintenance, and monitoring facilities. Focus on your core project and leave the rest of the things to us!

What is the structural design of Web For Host Cloud Hosting?

At Web For Host, we apply cloud Linux with LVE containers. Every account gets a dedicated container and is delivered from there. Each container has resource boundaries to assure the host stays fit at all times (even though, one of the accounts is under a DDoS attack). Suppose the host needs to be set down, the account with its container might be simply migrated to a special host, to avoid redundant downtime. Our shared hosting accounts split hosts among several customers, whereas our cloud hosting clients are served merely from the host, sense that only their accounts are put in the entire host.

Can I migrate from shared hosting to Cloud Hosting service?

If you have a shared web hosting plan on Web For Host, upgrading to cloud hosting is extremely simple. All you have to do is arrange an upgrade from desired the control panel, and the whole thing will be migrated automatically!

The main diversity between the two is that a cloud hosting plan provides you with dedicated resources and the capacity to control them as you see fit. In the interim shared hosting usually hosts various servers from one dedicated machine and involves the user to contribute resources with the additional servers on the machine.

How many websites will be included in my Cloud Hosting package?

Cloud Hosting has no limit on the number of websites you can host. You can add as many as you require as long as you have the resources. And if you ever need more, we acquired your support!

What if I require instant assistance?

Though cloud hosting is completely managed, you’ll also have a dedicated support team ready to help with all your needs 24/7 for sure.

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